“I wanted to thank you for your help with my chronic infection through Healing Touch.  Besides being incredibly refreshing and relaxing,  I noticed immediate, objective results after each treatment, and see continued improvement in my condition.  You’ve made me a believer in Healing Touch.” – Leslie Petri

“Healing Touch is  an intangible, abstract method of approaching one’s own health.  When one moves past the not being able to “see it” and into the realm of understanding that healing touch involves our own energy field and  faith, which are not visible entities, then a person can truly embrace the healing power of our mind in relationship to our bodies by using combinations of healing touch, traditional medicine and holistic methods.  In my sessions with Jean, she taught me about the energy fields and chakras and how to use them daily with the more traditional practices of medicine.  It is non-invasive and very practical.” – Ella

“I just want to say that Healing Touch Therapy with Jean Kidd at Healing Hands in Oklahoma City has made a huge difference in my physical and emotional well being and health.  Living with several physical, chronic conditions has been a challenge to me, especially in the last few years.  Healing Touch has brought pain relief and much needed feelings of well being into my life.  I am so relaxed after each visit with Jean and am able to focus my energy on  the things I need to accomplish in my busy days. Thanks so much Jean and Healing Hands.” – Mary Humbert

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